Please update your Windows and ubuntu masternode wallets to the latest compulsory release of 12 March of version This patch is to prevent PoS hack. We become safe from PoS-hack only if majority of wallets use this latest wallet. You can check all steps in Discord #announcement


Why Tokugawa

For Users

Users get a fast transaction thanks to the 20 second blocks and PoS Masternodes that confim the transaction within a few minutes. Ideal for exchange to exchange transfers, perfect for arbitrage users.

For Investors

Investors get Daily rewards if they hold 10000 coins in wallet and make a masternode. Also, if the Investors cannot afford to keep 10000 coins and make masternode, they can still get Staking rewards daily by keeping any amount of coins in the wallet, the more coins the investors can keep in wallet, the more times they get the staking rewards


Tokugawa coin is a decentrilized peer to peer digital currency based on blockchain technology.

Use Tokugawa to securely send and recieve instant transfers of value from anywhere in the world.

Tokugawa coin will be the first choice for transferring money from one exchange to another, thanks to its super fast transaction confirmations.


Please allow it 1 confirmation on the blockchain before the BTC deposit is shown in the ICO website.

You need 10000 coins to start a masternode. You should purchase 1 extra coin as some fee will be deducted while sending you coins from ICO website to your wallet.

In staking, the wallet verifies the transactions based on its coin weightage. The more number of coins stake in the wallet, the more rewards the wallet gets. Staking rewards are 25% of the block reward.

ICO phase is till 3 weeks only. After this we will list the coin on exchanges right after the 3rd week itself.

Your receiving address will change after the wallet has synced 100%. Please wait and let it sync 100%, only then you should copy the receiving address and paste into the ICO website to purchase TokugawaCoin - Symbol / Ticker TOK

Masternode is a wallet that is to be kept online 24/7 on VPS or home PC. This wallet will be verifying the transactions of Tokugawa Coin - Symbol / Ticker TOK. In return for the verifications, the masternode earns 75% of the block rewards.

We will apply to the following exchanges:

Cryptopia - Listed

KuCoin- Waiting for Local votes

Bittrex / Poloniex - Waiting for more volume and community

5118 port should be open. Check if it is open or not on If it is not open then you can use this software on VPS to open the ports.

Remote port is 5118 Remote host is your IP Local port is 5118 max connections are 2
The port should be open on modem too if you are using home PC. It is best to use 24/7 online VPS instead. The price is just $7 a month on or

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